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Staff from Hungerford Resource Centre

Hungerford Resource Centre Team photo
Staff at the Hungerford Resource Centre
"We like hearing customers' stories, and seeing them smiling, chatting, laughing and generally having a great day. There is a real feel good factor, and a lovely warm atmosphere in Hungerford!"

Jacek's story

Jacek Filipczak, Assistant Unit Manager at one of the Residential Units described his journey with West Berkshire Council so far. 

"I have been working for West Berkshire Council for the past five years and I am really enjoying my time with the council.

I used to work for a private health care company but my career did not really progress well, as there were not many opportunities for me. I applied for a care assistant position in one of the residential homes run by West Berkshire Council and I was given opportunities and training for my career development.

I was fortunate enough to apply for and get an internal promotion as a Residential Care Officer. The position broadened my knowledge, skills and experience working with vulnerable adults.

Image: Jacek Filipczak, Assistant Unit Manager at one of West Berkshire Council's Residential Units
Image: Jacek Filipczak, Assistant Unit Manager at one of West Berkshire Council's Residential Units

After working for a period in this role, I applied for an Assistant Manager position in one of the other residential homes and after a thorough selection and interview process, I was fortunate enough to get that promotion. Working with a diverse, compassionate, and caring team, I don't think I would have been able to achieve the progress of my career without them and the support provided to me by the council.

From my experience working for West Berkshire Council, they provide really good opportunities such as access to internal vacancies, updated training allowing people to be more effective and productive at work, a great pension scheme and sick pay which I think most companies do not offer."

Tafadzwa's story

Tafadzwa Loveness Ndhlovu, is a Dementia Practitioner at Willows Edge care home.

"I like working for West Berkshire because it respects my religious beliefs, which are very important to me, and I have an added advantage of living close to my work place.

West Berkshire Council has flexible shift patterns, the support from my management and team members is great. My personal concerns and work related issues are dealt with in a professional manner and I am happy with that.

Through all the training I have been provided, I strongly believe that I am growing mentally as an individual. Working with West Berkshire Council has allowed me to think deeper about having a holistic approach to working on promoting dignity, diversity and respect for people. My manager has given me a lot of support to grow and improve my skills at work, and to develop further by sending me on an apprenticeship programme which has broadened my knowledge and skills even more than before. My manager doesn't work on opinions, but on facts, which has made a great difference in the way I work."