West Berkshire Council

What do our Staff Say?

Our staff have some great things to say about working for West Berkshire Council. 

You can watch and listen to them talk about their experiences on this page.

Danielle, Customer Services

"...the council has supported me so that I can progress my career and qualifications..."

Danielle talks about the support, help, and training she's received in her career so far from West Berkshire Council, and how the organisation has given her opportunities to grow, learn and develop.

Lucinda, Human Resources

"I'm glad I joined the council"

Starting as an apprentice, Lucinda describes how West Berkshire Council has helped her work out the direction she wants to go in, the benefits she enjoys in her role, and also how supportive the organisation has been in helping her achieve her career goals - including potentially a CIPD qualification.



Caroline, Trading Standards

"As a Local Authority, West Berkshire really listen to you as an individual"

Caroline tells how she joined the council, and how she was given the opportunities to build, and maintain, new specialist skills in trading standards.  She explains how each day presents a new and varied opportunity to interact with the community, making a real difference to the lives of West Berkshire residents.

Lynda, Reablement Service (Homecare)

"It was the best decision I ever made, picking up that telephone to West Berkshire Council"

People are at the centre of Lynda's job.  She tells us about the valuable work she does in managing and working with people inside and outside the organisation, and how working for West Berkshire Council has given her new duties, challenges and opportunities to develop.

Rob, Democratic and Electoral Services

"The support I have had from my managers, team and council as a whole is so much better than my jobs with other Local Authorities"

Rob tells us about his job, his background and how he works with both elected members and senior officers.  He tells us how he came to work for West Berkshire Council and how he's being supported in working toward new leadership and management qualifications.