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Working in Children and Family Services

Testimonials from our managers and social workers about working with West Berkshire Council
You can also see and hear from our social workers on our video page. 

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Rashida Baig Portrait

Rashida Baig, Principal Social Worker.

I have been in West Berkshire for two years.  Although the nature of my role has been translated in many different ways in different local authorities, it's a testimony to West Berkshire that supporting social workers and first and second line managers is seen as key.  This allows us to thrive and grow in our professional roles, and more importantly improves outcomes for the children and families we work with.  The messages from frontline practice are fed back to the Senior Management Team on a continual basis.  This feedback, in turn, influences strategic planning and the vision for West Berkshire as the best place to work and practice our professional craft, with children and families at the centre of what we do.

Rashida talks more about her role on our video page.


Clare Fox, Assistant Team Manager

I've been with West Berkshire for nearly four years now, in the Contact, Advice & Assessment Service, where no two days are the same.  There is a great focus on career development here, and I've had management support and encouragement as I moved from social worker, to senior social worker to my present role.  We have access to good training opportunities above and beyond statutory training.  Senior managers are very visible here and you can always access a service manager. We also have really good links with other services which helps joint working.

As a mother of two children I have found West Berkshire Council to be flexible as an employer, helping me balance home and work.

I would encourage people to apply and to take a look at our new retention package, which is excellent.

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Clare Fox Portrait

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Kim Gibson Portrait

Kim Gibson, Newly Qualified Social Worker

I've been here about eighteen months, and qualified last year.  Since then, I've been in the West and Central Locality Team.  During my supported year in practice I've had lots of different learning experiences.  It's a really supportive team and we all help each other; no-one is left to struggle on their own.  We really do have good management support and senior managers who are really interested in good practice and our cases.  On top of that we have great multi-agency working and services provided to support us.


Natalie Morgan, Assistant Team Manager

I've been working here at West Berkshire Council since June this year in the West and Central Locality Team.  I really enjoy being part of a team where there's a high value placed on working together and on peer support; everyone is friendly, and there are plenty of opportunities to socialise together away from the day job. I also really appreciate our supportive and approachable senior management team.

The structure of the way we work enables our social workers to produce quality assessment work, and there's a good training programme available for workers to promote our continuous professional development. We're also focussing on developing Newly Qualified Social Workers via our ASYE scheme that's benefiting a number of employees, and we're excited about our new retention package which makes us feel very valued.

On top of these things, West Berkshire is a lovely area to work in.  Our team is based in Newbury, an old market town, five minutes from a lunch-time look around the shops, and these things do add to your enjoyment of your work!

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Natalie Morgan Portrait